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  • Smoke and Temperature Sensor for my 3D-printer

    Smoke and Temperature Sensor for my 3D-printer

    Sometime ago I bought an IKEA smoke sensor. It lived some time in the kitchen as expected, but then I put next to my 3D-printer that was located in the garage. But then, it doesn’t make a lot of sense if it only fires an alarm in case of smoke, since I maybe away, so I decided to hack it into something IoT. There are a couple of useful blog (this and that) posts […]

  • Bought a 3D printer!

    Finally I bought a 3D printer – an almost complete kit for popular Creality Ender 3. It happened to be a decent printer that produces fairly quality prints. Some test prints: Some things I tried to model: Created a new instagram account and post stuff related to 3d-printing and general DIY: @shu.makes The journey continues!

  • Repurposed an old iPad as a home status screen

    Here is my new small project – TableStatus/StenGazeta ( as of November 2020). I have been thinking about creating some kind of a status screen for my home and family for a long time. Our friends have recently donated an old iPad 2 to us. It runs iOS 9.3.5, so I can barely install a handful of apps from Appstore. That’s where this idea started. I could never gather […]

  • diPlayer – Raspberry Pi-based player for DI.FM

    diPlayer – Raspberry Pi-based player for DI.FM

    This is a desktop player for DI.FM that I made for the 20-year anniversary. I gathered a lof of experience during this proejct: Details Desktop player based on Raspberry Pi, that can play DI.FM channels (IceCast streams to be exact). It is controlled with photoslides frames that have NFC-stickers on them, the stickers point to certain channels. The player can also play other sources like Spotify, Google […]

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