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  • Cool stuff of the week

    Hey. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve posted anything here. Full-scale war was launched by russia in Ukraine. The life was kind of quirky these months. Anyway, the company I work for, managed to continue the business, almost without changes. Some part of the team has moved out of Ukraine, but otherwise […]

  • TicTacToe as a coding test task

    TicTacToe as a coding test task

    One of my most fun interviews was with DI.FM in 2018. On the coding lab I was asked to make a tic-tac-toe game in one hour.I was later given some time to refine it afterwards, but the core thing was done in time and it was interesting. Play with someone. Uploaded source to github.

  • Repurposed an old iPad as a home status screen

    Here is my new small project – TableStatus/StenGazeta ( as of November 2020). I have been thinking about creating some kind of a status screen for my home and family for a long time. Our friends have recently donated an old iPad 2 to us. It runs iOS 9.3.5, so I can barely install a handful of apps from Appstore. That’s where this idea started. I could never gather […]

  • diPlayer – Raspberry Pi-based player for DI.FM

    diPlayer – Raspberry Pi-based player for DI.FM

    This is a desktop player for DI.FM that I made for the 20-year anniversary. I gathered a lof of experience during this proejct: Details Desktop player based on Raspberry Pi, that can play DI.FM channels (IceCast streams to be exact). It is controlled with photoslides frames that have NFC-stickers on them, the stickers point to certain channels. The player can also play other sources like Spotify, Google […]

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