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Важная статья про работу: Move Slow and Build Things

To Grow Talent, Don’t Move Fast and Break Things — Move Slow and Build Them

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On the other side, gamblers seek to reach “the zone.” While in the zone, gamblers are not focused on winning, and in fact often see wins as unwanted interruptions.

Instead, their sole concern is extended play, which allows them to enter a trancelike state of repetition and absorption. The effects “the zone” causes are the same as we’ve seen infinite scroll on devices produce.

Schüll’s research on gaming casts an interesting light on our approach to continuous work productivity today. Our workplace culture’s obsession with achieving “flow” or “getting into the zone” looks a lot like the “machine zone” problem gamblers chase.

The difference is workplace flow is smiled upon because it can maximize positive outcomes instead of negative ones.

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