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Smoke and Temperature Sensor for my 3D-printer

Smoke and Temperature Sensor Assembly

Sometime ago I bought an IKEA smoke sensor. It lived some time in the kitchen as expected, but then I put next to my 3D-printer that was located in the garage.

But then, it doesn’t make a lot of sense if it only fires an alarm in case of smoke, since I maybe away, so I decided to hack it into something IoT.

There are a couple of useful blog (this and that) posts that I started from.

It took quite a while to just follow the advice given there and to solder properly ground connection to the CS2105G0-S12 chip (that people suggest is actually MC145012). Anyway my project is a bit simpler in a way – the wi-fi module (Wemos D1 mini) is constantly powered with USB and feeds data every second to Blynk.

One other issue I had was that smoke sensor IC is using 9V for power and signals, so it had to be stepped down. With invaluable help from my former colleague Mich, I did it using an NPN transistor and it works pretty smoothly.

Printed a special case for it to fit all the components.

In case of smoke the Blynk app will send me a notification. Later on, it will also turn off the smart socket that the printer is powered with.

Arduino source is on Github. I will try to put some more details and the scheme later.

I have no illusions that this thingy is pretty weak in terms of safety and reliability – there are too many things to break in case of a real fire – but it was an important learning project for me.

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Bought a 3D printer!

Slicing crane hook and container in Cura

Finally I bought a 3D printer – an almost complete kit for popular Creality Ender 3.

It happened to be a decent printer that produces fairly quality prints.

Some test prints:

The first things I modelled:

Some more stuff from thingiverse:

This was a failed first ABS print:

Came out fine after some filament drying:

Child Bike Hub

Settings up the shop in the garage:

Future hacker space badge:

Hacker Garage Lab

Created a new instagram account and post stuff related to 3d-printing and general DIY: @shu.makes

The journey continues!

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