Visited Odesa MIRONAFT Fablab

Took some time to visit MiRONAFT Fablab with Sergey Kovtun who guided us around multiple the space.

This is the biggest open laboratory in Ukraine with an area of 1300 sq.m!

It has all the types of equipment I could imagine one may need — 3d-printers and scanners, hand and power tools, soldering workplaces complete with soldering stations, oscilloscopes and signal generators, CNC mills and lathes, laser engraver, cutters, you name it.

They partner with numerous industrial producers that provided two robotic arms, industrial welding robot, conveyor belts, compressed air and hydraulics educational platforms.

The place is full of enthusiast and hacker vibe and run mostly by students who are eager to make stuff.

I was so stunned with the location, that I have barely taken any photos.