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December 2020 Links

Some more interesting links I found this month:


Ultimate Computer Mouse 🤘

I prerecorded myself in video meetings for a week (and nobody knew)

Housekeeping now includes catching up with React Native updates

Prior to wedding with my lovely wife, I have created a React/Firebase family wish list, so relatives and friends could choose some gifts.

It was the most basic React to-do app that stored items on Firebase, which provided the reactivity to all clients (so in case two people visited the page at the same time, choosing the same gift was quite improbable).

At some point I decided to move adding new items to a mobile app. It was more as an experiment with React Native, rather than a security concern. So another pretty basic to-do list was created. I copied most logic over from web version, and in total created maybe 3 files. Also I only built it for Android. Didn’t really renewing Apple developer license weekly for an app that I barely use most of the time.


Fast forward 3 years, and I want to add a couple smaller features, refactor some if-conditions with router, etc.

By this time I have upgraded Android Studio on my machine, along with some of its build tools. I have very surface knowledge of mobile build pipeline and how all of the components interact. Also React Native app creator adds quite an opaque layer on top of it — I never had to configure any of those build scenarios.

So in short I created a new project with react-native CLI and copied old files over.
Thankfully my project is very small and I only had to update a couple of things in the components for it to work.

Together with this I created a Github actions workflow, so I don’t stuck with building this in future.

React Native looks much more unified for both iOS and Android now than 3 years ago, so it’s a plus.

Github Release

Went to an office for the first time in two years

When I joined DI.FM two years ago, it was my first completely remote work. I had some misconceptions and prejudices about it, but still wanted to try.

A lot of has changed since then, and this month I went on to join Wildix. I started and will continue as a remote developer, occasionally working at office.

Yesterday I worked in the office, and felt elation. I got a warm welcome, though there were only a few people at the time. It was nice to meet and talk with my coworkers in person. Also the office is great, has a lot of room, quiet and feels like a proper working space.

Some of Wildix Welcome box contents

Even got a desk phone, heh, haven’t seen those in a while (telephony and PBX are the core company products).

Odesa port in fog

The view should be great in a good weather.

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Links May 2020

Some more interesting links:

🛠 Development

  • Chrome Kiosk Mode to build custom kiosk devices
  • hCaptcha – recaptcha-like, but focused on privacy. Cloudflare has moved to it.
  • Ask HN: Is your company sticking to on-premise servers? Why?. Some highlights:
    • Not sure that’s universally true. We have probably tens of thousands of EC2 instances in our infra right now. Just the cost alone to build out on-prem infra and migrate things over would likely wipe out a half-decade or more of cost savings. And in the meantime our shift in focus would hurt our market position. If we’d started in the beginning (11 or 12 years ago) with our own infra, I imagine our recurring infra costs would be lower right now, but I also suspect that our 3-person founding team would have failed to produce an MVP before their initial time and money ran out. If I were starting a company now, I’d probably do things in a more “platform agnostic” way such that a cloud->on-prem migration might be easier. But I still never expect it’d be easy.
    • I agree with everything you say – I’m convinced that a huge part of the cloud’s financial success is due to how it allows CTOs/CIOs to indulge their fantasies about having a mega-scalable app – even if their workloads are very regular and predictable. Along the lines of buying an expensive sports car but never driving it fast, you’re just paying for the kudos it brings you in the eyes of other people. Having said that, we are happily using the cloud for our small app because it makes no sense to build out our own infrastructure for a single VPS and database.
  • XOD – visual IDE for Arduino.

📹 Design

🕶 Cool stuff:

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