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At some point I was considering to make a bird-feeder with a simple Arduino sensor to count birds.

I thought I could make use of some simple tool that would notify me of another bird visiting, or that the battery is low. E-mail would do, but it feels like too much hassle when you can send one request to a messenger of choice.

Glip and Slack offer easy creation of a public webhook URL for any chat, that you could use to send messages.

However, I wanted to use my private messenger accounts for it, and did not find a similar project nor for FB messenger, nor for Telegram.

So I made one myself. That’s how Telegram @wwwebhook_bot was created!

Initially I wanted to use it with FB messenger, but it’s hard to get it approved there for public use.

The project has first seen light of the world in August 2018.

Source code on Github

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