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Dune is huge

Just like this sand worm

Sand worm smells Atreides

The haters gonna say the movie is kind of shallow and only scratches the surface of the Dune lore, and that is correct.

But for me this was very big, I felt revelation, such a great franchise finally got a right treatment.

I was never fond of David Lynch’s version, but I always liked the story covered in the first couple of books and the PC games.

So it’s a worthy candidate for the “next big sci-fi saga” (since Star Wars gone kind of wrong way :))

Must see if you like sci-fi.

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Bought a 3D printer!

Slicing crane hook and container in Cura

Finally I bought a 3D printer – an almost complete kit for popular Creality Ender 3.

It happened to be a decent printer that produces fairly quality prints.

Some test prints:

The first things I modelled:

Some more stuff from thingiverse:

This was a failed first ABS print:

Came out fine after some filament drying:

Child Bike Hub

Settings up the shop in the garage:

Future hacker space badge:

Hacker Garage Lab

Created a new instagram account and post stuff related to 3d-printing and general DIY: @shu.makes

The journey continues!

All hail to Airtable

Some time ago I learnt about Airtable and thought that it was a great thing, but didn’t have a project to try it with.

Now I use it a for a couple of my projects.

First “production” use was when I did the diPlayer. I just needed some connected database where the end user could edit the records with his phone without extra hassle. Also I wanted something with a simple yet robust API. And Airtable was a great fit for it.

Another one was a side project with a chatbot that tracks citizenship application status for users. The users just enter their application code, and the bot does the regular checks and reports back when status changed. Very handy, and with Airtable I just outsourced all the database work to a service. With this one I also gave very granular control to another person, so that they can add records in bulk in their space without accessing all the database.

Now I am building another IoT project that will also use Airtable for remotely accessing data that will be gathered by a Raspberry Pi running an MQTT broker.

Then I used it for a couple of home things – like keeping track of the job applications statuses, utility contractors.

So it’s a great thing if you want to shorten your time to market and focus on client. Give Airtable a shot!

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Completed a learning course in Arduino

Finally a 3-month online course in Arduino from came to an end.

The course covered basic electronics, components, sensors, motors and some other bits.

It was pretty fun to go over it together with other people.

The final task was to assemble a smart home model, using most of the sensors. I integrated the gas sensor, temperature/humidity, RFID to open the gate with a servo-motor, 2-line LCD screen, ultrasonic sensor, and that’s about it.

Can’t say I have learnt a big deal from it, I have already covered this basic level myself by trying to do stuff. Still it was very nice to connect with other people in this field, also got some details about how actual components work inside, which I did not bother to learn before.

Here is a gate opening on reading a correct RFID token:

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Fired up Raspberry Pi Zero Camera

Just wanted to share.

Ordered some time ago a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero W with Camera for one project, that I postponed right after that :)

Anyway, yesterday my shipment has arrived, and I got some fun connecting the smaller camera to a small board.

Here is a selfie I managed to make after adjusting focus distance. Taken without any settings, so white balance is off, but I guess it can be tweaked.

 Selfie with a Raspberry Pi Zero Camera

Here is how tiny the stuff is:

March 2021 Links

Some more links I found interesting this month:


Cool project with transparent LED displays:

Great drone piloting around bowling club:

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Visited Odesa MIRONAFT Fablab

Took some time to visit MiRONAFT Fablab with Sergey Kovtun who guided us around multiple the space.

This is the biggest open laboratory in Ukraine with an area of 1300 sq.m!

It has all the types of equipment I could imagine one may need — 3d-printers and scanners, hand and power tools, soldering workplaces complete with soldering stations, oscilloscopes and signal generators, CNC mills and lathes, laser engraver, cutters, you name it.

They partner with numerous industrial producers that provided two robotic arms, industrial welding robot, conveyor belts, compressed air and hydraulics educational platforms.

The place is full of enthusiast and hacker vibe and run mostly by students who are eager to make stuff.

I was so stunned with the location, that I have barely taken any photos.

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